Touchless. Effortless.

Transform your toilet into a cleaner, more convenient, and technologically advanced space with our simple installation process.

Hands-free operations for hygienic convenience.

Transform your toilet into a smart, hygienic oasis with our innovative retrofit system. Easy to install and packed with features like automatic flushing and customizable sensor placement, our system brings convenience and eco-friendliness to your bathroom.

Upgrade today and experience the future of toilet technology!

3 simple parts, 1 simple installation.

Installs easily on to your toilet within minutes.

Install & Run the way you like it.

If you do not have the habit of closing the lid, you can adhere it to the underside of the lid to enable automatic flushing when leaving the toilet.

If you are accustomed to closing the lid for flushing, you can adhere it to the front of the lid to enable automatic flushing.

Of course, you can also adhere it to the back wall of the tank to achieve the same function.

You can use your imagination to adhere them anywhere, transforming the toilet into a foot-operated, remote-controlled, and more.

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